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Infinity Today is your NJ Support Coordination specialist.
We focus 100% of our time on you and your Individualized Service Plan (ISP)!

Support Coordination

Everyone registered with DDD will need to identify a Support Coordinating agency. This is an important decision because the Support Coordinator is the team member who helps manage the services that each person receives. The form below can be used to select or change a Support Coordination Agency. Once completed, the form can be physically mailed to DDD or emailed to them.

Map of our counties served:

Going Above & Beyond

There are several reasons why Infinity Today is the premier choice for Support Coordination.

Here are some of the details:

Hiring and Training
Our services all start with the hiring and training of our Support Coordinators. Jennifer Marino and our team take this process very seriously. Potential staff go through a vigorous application process which includes a group interview from our senior staff. Formal training is provided every week.
Caring Support Coordinators
Support Coordinators cannot be trained on how to care about you. That is why caring is our number one job requirement when hiring new Support Coordinators!
The Infinity Today administrators are only focused on Support Coordination. administrators devote 100% of our time and attention to ensuring that our support coordinators are providing you with quality care. Administrators are only a phone call away, and we promise to get back to you with answers to your questions as quickly as possible.
Senior duties
This is a true distinction between Infinity Today and other providers. Aside from DDD's services, there are other areas that you will have to navigate. Our Senior staff take on specialty roles that all Infinity Today members benefit from. If you need help with Medicaid, PPL, Goods and Service providers, navigating housing issues, vocational support and more, we are here for you. When deciding on a Support Coordination agency, we suggest that you ask potential providers what they do to help you in any of these areas. Infinity Today will never give you a telephone number so you can call somebody else when you have a problem in these areas; Instead, we will make the call for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Infinity Today different from other agencies?

Support Coordination is all that we do! 100% of our time is spent developing and managing your Service Plan (ISP).

What is the average turnover of a support coordinator at Infinity Today?

Our Support Coordinators tend to stay a long time. We offer a nurturing work environment and room for advancement.

How does Infinity Today match people with Support Coordinators?

We consider all of your individual needs including travel time and language preferences.

How does Infinity Today monitor quality?

We employ a full time quality assurance professional! Our staff and administrators are also very responsive when you have questions or concerns.

What is the typical caseload of one of Infinity Today's support coordinators?

The typical support coordinator caseload is 35.

How does Infinity Today respond to issues/needs that occur after typical business hours?

Our telephone service accepts calls all day and night. Support Coordinator Supervisors share on-call duties. Infinity Today responds to emergency calls in a quick and timely manner.
5yr Celebration

Turnover is not a problem at Infinity Today. These staff members recently celebrated being with our agency for 5yrs and more!


“My daughter and I are very satisfied with Infinity. The staff go above and beyond to help us. Thank you so much!”

“It has been a pleasure working with my daughter's support coordinator as well as her supervisor (my daughter's initial support coordinator). We greatly appreciate their assistance and guidance along the way! “

“ Our support coordinator is always on top of things & proactive as well. She is a pleasure to work with and helps make the whole process of finding and renewing services as stress free as possible.”

“Our Support Coordinator has been a God sent. So far, he has met all our needs as we navigate through the process. The Infinity Today team have been exceptional in helping my brother with his services, and I have already recommended them to others in need of a support coordinator. “

“Excellent organization. Our Support Coordinator has been wonderful to work with. She is very professional, highly knowledgeable, and devoted to her profession.”

“Infinity staff at all levels are always highly professional, responsive, compassionate, kind, and patient. They work to problem solve, advocate, and listen. Sometimes it’s like “herding cats” and they do it well!”

“Our Support Coordinator and Infinity Today have demonstrated dedication, knowledge, and attentiveness to our son's special needs. Infinity Today goes above and beyond in providing support and care for our son. Our Coordinators’ commitment to understanding and meeting our son's unique requirements is commendable, as it contributes significantly to our son's well-being and development. We are grateful for Infinity's support and efforts. It's heartening to know that our son is in capable and caring hands.”

“Our support coordinator has been wonderful and detrimental in meeting all of our needs. She is a caring and hard-working individual who goes above and beyond to make sure we are well cared for.”

“Our Support Coordinator is so thorough, knowledgeable, professional and kind”.

“I am extremely happy with the services we receive from Infinity Today.My Support Coordinator is Excellent.She always answers my phone calls and emails right away and she is always checking in to see how things are going”

“We are very satisfied with the level of knowledge that Infinity Today shares with my son to ensure that he receives all of the services that he is entitled to.”

“We are very grateful for the services provided by Infinity Today. We receive professional and efficient services from the administration and our Support Coordinator”

“We are extremely happy with Infinity. We recommend it to everyone we know. Our Support Coordinator was instrumental in helping us navigate Covid and then our son’s placement in a good residential setting. We couldn’t have made it without her help and the support of everyone in Infinity. The fact that we are able to talk to the top bosses at Infinity if need be is irreplaceable. Infinity is simply the best in the business!”

“Our support coordinator is very knowledgeable and always available to answer all our questions. She is doing a terrific job and we are so lucky to have her.”

“ Thank you for all the help you give my family.”

“Our Support Coordinator is magnificent at her job! She goes above and beyond when we call her for assistance.”

“Thank you for your support and service for my daughter. We are extremely happy to work with our Support Coordinator. You and Infinity Today are the solid bridge needed to work effectively and smooth with DDD.”

“The quality of service and dedication of our staff is above average and second to none.”

“Our Support Coordinator is so thorough, knowledgeable, professional and kind”.

“I needed to arrange a meeting with a provider, and the Support Coordinator was very instrumental in coordinating the meeting right through to the final resolution. I found her support most helpful.”

“Very happy with Infinity Today’s services. I highly recommend this company to other families looking for above average services for their family members.“

“The service we receive from everyone is outstanding. We want for nothing. Everyone is so available and receptive to our needs.“

“Infinity Today with its dedicated support coordinators and amazing staff has helped us navigate resources for our loved one on the autism spectrum to aid in his quality of life.”

“Our support coordinator is doing an excellent job in doing whatever is necessary to help my daughter.“

“You and my sister’s support coordinator have been so great to work with. You both “get things done,” are professional, and thorough.“

“Our support coordinator is GREAT.“

“From day one your agency has provided [us] with more than outstanding services and I am very thankful for your excellent team [who are] very professional and knowledgeable. I truly recommend to other parents to choose “Infinity Today”.”

“I commend our support coordinator on the job she does, supporting us in the process of getting my son’s DDD application processed and approved. Our support coordinator’s professionalism [and] handling and following up with my son’s case is exceptional.

“We are so grateful to have our support coordinator and the Infinity Today team helping our daughter as she continues to grow and thrive in her independent life!“

“Our support coordinator is a genuinely concerned and caring individual! Able to relate with our special needs son! So easy to talk to and so efficient in executing details!“

“The services provided by my support services team are more than adequate. They go above and beyond to ensure my daughter’s budget is applied and her needs are met.“

“You guys are fabulous!”

“Everyone is very nice and caring.”

“You are so knowledgeable, helpful and caring to Marianne and me. I am very satisfied and happy to be a part of the Infinity Today family.”

“I am very happy with Infinity Today! It’s the best support coordination agency!”

“Infinity is the best out there!”

“We have found our support coordinator to be professional, caring and knowledgeable.”

“Our support coordinator is very good about trying to maximize what Michael gets from DDD!”

“I can’t thank you enough, you always respond to my concerns and respond to my questions quickly.”

“Our support coordinator works as Andrea’s advocate, always following up on any questions or concerns I have.”

“Our support coordinator is fantastic. There are not enough superlatives to describe her outstanding performance and professionalism.”

“We are very happy to have Infinity Today work with our daughter. We find the staff very competent and caring in working with our daughter.”

“I appreciate your dedication and prompt responses to my questions and concerns.”

“We are pleased with the professionalism showed by the Infinity Today staff. Questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.”

Meet Our Amazing Staff!

Errol Seltzer

Executive Director

A seasoned professional with a focus on services for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, Errol was the first full time Executive Director of the Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities. He also served as the Executive Director of Just Home Healthcare Services. Errol has a bachelor’s degree in special education, and a master’s degree in health administration.

Jennifer Marino

Associate Executive Director

A licensed clinical social worker with 20 years of experience, Jennifer specializes in providing treatment to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. While Jennifer most enjoys providing direct support to individuals and families, she also has extensive experience providing administrative and supervisory leadership, program development and day program management. She holds a master’s degree in social work.

Syraeeta Hicks

Senior Support Coordinator

Syraeeta (AKA Rita) has experience working with individuals with a wide range of Intellectual/ and or Developmental disabilities in a Residential Treatment Facility. Over the past two decades, she has managed cases in a variety of contexts. Her objective is to enhance lives by providing person-centered comprehensive support. For the previous year, Syraeeta has held the position of Senior Support Coordinate. She demonstrates exceptional compassion for the individuals she serves.

Arelis Ruiz

Support Coordinator Supervisor

Arelis has worked in a habilitative facility for adults with disabilities in a managerial position and has over 3 years of case management experience in a school setting. She aims to help families find the best resources and support to meet their needs. Arelis is bilingual in English and Spanish. Prior to this position, Arelis was a Senior Support Coordinator at Infinity Today. Arelis will continue to focus on Medicaid and provide assistance in this area.

Lisa Schafer

Support Coordinator Supervisor

Lisa has years of experience working in school settings for students with disabilities. Lisa also works as an ABA therapist and provides in-home care for people with ASD. She is passionate and eager to assist individuals and their families in finding the best resources and services that will meet their needs. Lisa’s area of interest is incident reporting. Whenever any Infinity Today member is involved in an incident, Lisa gets involved to help coordinate reporting and medical follow up (when needed). Lisa has a bachelor of art’s degree in psychology.

Ross Basen

Senior Support Coordinator

Ross has a particular interest in areas of employment. He has worked as a Support Coordinator at Infinity Today for 3 years. As a Senior Support Coordinator, Ross is focused on partnership development with service providers and community resources in the community. Ross has a graduate degree in nonprofit management.

Shannon McGlynn

Support Coordinator Supervisor

Shannon has past special education teaching experience and is passionate about working with families and adults with disabilities. With over 3 years of case management experience, Shannon is well-versed in providing support and resources to individuals and their families. Shannon has a bachelor's degree in English and Education and has some post graduate experiences within the field of Mental Health counseling.

Andrea Simpson

Support Coordinator Supervisor

Andrea has worked with both children and adults with disabilities throughout her career and has over 2 years of case management experience. She is enthusiastic about providing support to individuals and their families to ensure that they will find the best resources to meet their needs. Andrea’s area of expertise in housing. Andrea has a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Maureen Stuckey

Support Coordinator Supervisor

Maureen has many years of experience navigating support and services for children and adults with special needs. As a parent of an adult with special needs, Maureen is committed to breaking down barriers and providing access to individualized services throughout a lifetime. With an MBA in Corporate Finance, Maureen has expertise in processes and structures that provide a framework for interdepartmental and interagency integration. Bringing education and experience together to achieve optimal outcomes for individuals with special needs is Maureen’s passion.

Kaye Yoon

Senior Support Coordinator

A licensed social worker, Kaye is currently working with families and children with developmental disabilities. She is patient about helping individuals and their families with resources and services that will meet their needs. Kaye is bilingual and speaks English and Korean. Kaye is our resource development specialist. No matter what service you need, Kaye will help find the best service provider in your area!

Madeline Bonilla

Senior Support Coordinator

Madeline has 5 years experience working with adults with disabilitites. Her past experiences include working as a DSP, as an Assistant Supervisor and as a Supervisor in a residential facility. In addition, Madeline is the niece of an adult with special needs which allows her to empasize and relate with the families of those she serves. She is pasionate about advocating for people with disabilities and helping them find the services and resources they need to live thier most fulfilling lives. Madeline is bilingual in English and Spanish and has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from William Paterson University.

Jamie Halpern

Support Coordinator

A volunteer at the Broadway Adult Day Care and Respite Center, Jamie interacted with people with intellectual disabilities. She also has a sibling with an intellectual disability. Jamie has a bachelor of arts degree in sociology.

Jelyssa Mejia

Support Coordinator Supervisor

Jelyssa has worked as a teaching assistant at a school for children and adults that are diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities. She is passionate about every individual, and works towards getting them the best services to fit their needs. Jelyssa is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Aileen Leung

Support Coordinator

Kelly Nickles

Senior Support Coordinator

Kelly is passionate and enthusiastic about assisting people registered with DDD and their families by guiding them to reach their greatest potential. Kelly has engaged with a variety of populations during her fieldwork experience, such as geriatric social work and involuntary outpatient clients. Kelly has received her master’s degree in social work.

Vivian Lerias

Support Coordinator

Multilingual, Vivian speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish. As a support coordinator, she is excited to work with individuals with developmental disabilities and their family and friends. Vivian possesses the unique ability to serve as a role model and to apply the skills and values she has learned as a Social Worker to help Infinity Today members. Vivian has a master’s degree in social work.

Isaac Reyes

Senior Support Coordinator / Mentor

As a student, Isaac gained a variety of experiences working with adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities such as note-taking and filming music therapy sessions. He believes that more than clients, Infinity Today members are his colleagues. Isaac is also bilingual in English and Spanish. He has a college degree in applied psychology.

Denise Dunn

Senior Support Coordinator

Denise maintained an outstanding reputation as a Case Manager for over 30 years.This reputation included a true dedication to advocate for individuals assigned to her as well a goal to assist these individuals with improving their quality of life.

Glenn Willey

Support Coordinator / IT and QA Specialist

Glen focuses on issues of Quality Assurance and Technology. Glenn has a college degree from Montclair State University.

Tzippy Hiller

Senior Support Coordinator

Tzippy has more than 25 years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings and age groups. In her 15 years as camp director and eight years as nursery school teacher, she helped provide an inclusive environment and ensure and Director of Government Services for a local agency providing services to adults 21 and over with ID/DD. This comprehensive background in both administrative and direct services has contributed to making Tzippy into a devoted and powerful proponent for those she serves.

Noelle Bellitti

Senior Support Coordinator

Noelle has worked with individuals with disabilities as a special education teacher for 5 years. She has always been motivated by getting to know people to assist them in achieving their goals and enjoying life. Noelle truly cares about each individual and will work hard to find services and opportunities that reflect their interests and needs. She believes everyone is unique and feels grateful to get to know each person she works with. She has a bachelor's degree in Special Education.

Kerry Hodgson

Senior Support Coordinator

Kerry has years of experience working with both adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. She has worked in public school classrooms, adult day habilitation centers and licensed residential settings. She has also worked for a child and family resource agency in a managerial position. Kerry is passionate about supporting the individuals that she serves. She takes the extra time to really connect with her clients and their families, while assisting them in finding services that will help them reach their goals and meet their highest potential. Kerry holds a bachelor’s degree in Education.

Kimberly Rainford

Senior Support Coordinator

With more than a decade of experience engaging with a variety of populations, Kimberly has worked with helping people registered with DDD, Mental Health and Alcohol/ Substance abuse. Previously, Kimberly worked as Direct Support Professional, Assistant Supervisor and as a Supervisor in a residential facility. She is dedicated to assist people with disabilities to find resources they need, as well as, advocating and guiding people to reach their greatest potential. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from William Paterson University, Kimberly’s goal is to continue her education and obtain a Masters of Social Work.

Christie Mensa-Kwao

Senior Support Coordinator

Christie has 10 years’ experience working with adults with developmental disabilities. Her past experiences include working as a DSP and an Assistant Supervisor in a residential facility. Christie enjoys working directly, helping, and advocating for individuals with disabilities. Christie is very passionate about assisting individuals with disabilities in obtaining needed services and living a fulfilling life. Christie has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Hayley Fieldman

Senior Support Coordinator

Hayley has experience working in special education with children and adults. She is passionate about providing individuals with disabilities the resources and support to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. She enjoys working alongside individuals and their families to create a plan for services that they envision.

Gabriella Cordero

Support Coordinator

Gabriella has years of experience working in schools and clinical settings for students and children with disabilities. She is a registered behavior therapist and provides in-home care for people with ASD. Gabriella is passionate and well-versed in assisting individuals in achieving their best quality of life and finding the best services and resources that meet their needs. She is bilingual in Spanish and English. Gabriella is currently pursuing dual master’s degrees in ABA and clinical psychology.

Kimberly Santiago-Marrero

Support Coordinator

Kimberly has worked with both children and adults with intellectual disabilities and has over 4 years of case management experience. She takes great pride in helping others. Kimberly is very passionate about assisting individuals and their families by obtaining the supports that they need. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. Kimberly has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Angeline Sifuna

Support Coordinator

Angeline has worked with people with Developmental Disabilities for over 15 years. She started as direct care worker, but also worked in the field as a Group Home Manager and Regional Director. Angeline is passionate about linking people with disabilities with resources they need to live life to the fullest (especially recreational activities). She has a bachelor's degree in business management from Rutgers University.

Joenna Suarez

Support Coordinator

Joenna is a graduate from Rutgers University School of Social Work with a concentration in children, family and youth. Joenna has an extensive background in supporting children and families. Joenna enjoys prioritizing and assisting her clients.

Scott Stiefel

Support Coordinator

Scott is a licensed master social worker with years of experience supporting adults with disabilities in various settings, most recently in a management role. Throughout his clinical experience, he has also worked as a case manager in an assisted living facility. Scott also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Scott enjoys traveling, tasting new and unique foods, and spending time with his family.

Sara Graff

Support Coordinator

Sara began working with IDD directly after graduating high school in 2017 as a summer school paraprofessional. Working with a wide range of students ages 11-21, sparked her passion for working directly with IDD encouraging her to go into teaching. While in college Sara did many placements surrounding IDD and entered a Master’s program to gain her special education certification. Realizing that she was missing working with individuals one on one, Sara decided to work as a DSP in a group home for IDD shortly after graduating. This lead her to Support Coordination.

Infinity Tomorrow

Our Mission

Infinity Tomorrow is a registered 501c3. The grassroots organization has a mission to provide support to adults that are diagnosed with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The focus of Infinity Tomorrow is to help people that live in unlicensed settings such as in their own apartments or with family. Support is offered by helping with individualized purchases that the person could not normally afford but will enhance their life. Infinity Tomorrow also plans on developing information sharing resources, such as easy to use online communication tools.
Board of Directors
Errol Seltzer, MS - President
Heather Fuentes - Vice President
Gail Rottenstrich, Esq - Vice President
Julie Powell, LCSW - Vice President
Lee Seltzer, PhD Finance - Treasurer
Jennifer Marino, LCSW - Board of Trustees
Thoughts from our vice president Heather Fuentes
“As parents of a child with special needs, my husband and I always have to think ahead. Whether preparing for each school day, a weekend museum trip, or summer plans, preparation is key to even middling success. We try to consider the range of possible outcomes and pair them with contingency plans, from noise-sensitivity headphones to favorite books, activity pages, snacks, fresh clothes and more. Our son has autism, ADHD and anxiety. But these diagnoses aren’t the sum of him. He is also kind, creative and curious. He has the capacity to be nearly anything his heart desires, but to achieve his best, he also requires significant support and adaptations to manage school and meet his educational and occupational goals. As parents, we have twin broad goals always in mind, one for us, and one for him. Our parental aim is to advocate fiercely for our son, and to provide his support structure (which we cannot do alone). For our son, our goal is to keep him on the path to his most successful self, whoever he may develop into. Our son is only 9 right now, and his path has never been a straight line. Every service delay or failure, every misaligned therapeutic or educational setting, has come with a corollary cost, ranging from minor glitch to devastating setback. To administrators he may be a name on paper, an assessment score, connected to a badgering parent. But in reality he is as valuable as the person reading this. Children like our son are individuals, with varied skill sets and interests. Our son, Henry, loves science and has an exceptional full-scale IQ. It seems tragic that he should be prevented from contributing to society as fully as he could because of substantial service gaps. As it stands, throughout his life, we have had to battle against funding deficiencies for public services, limited slots for available opportunities, and sitting on waiting lists for literally years to be able to earn a chance at specialized supports. On top of this, our son will age out of services, yet he will never grow out of his needs. When public streams dry up, family support and private alternatives take up the mantle, or young people are left to founder. Infinity Tomorrow seeks to fill that gap, stepping in to provide mentoring and placement services for young adults living with autism. Thanks to the innovation of Infinity Tomorrow, we hope that Henry will have support as he grows to be able to find an appropriate match for his skills and interests, newfound independence and pride in his accomplishments. How Henry’s story unfolds is an open question, and I hope that supporting Infinity Tomorrow will, in kind, support a positive next step for my son and others like him. Looking forward to working with all of you!”
Heather Fuentes, Esq.

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